Flaming Coals "diy4" Rotisserie Kit

Jaco Roeloffs
Oct 7, 2023
3 min read
Flaming CoalsMaking Of Briar
BRIAR with the Rotisserie Kit installed

In this article I would like to share my experience buying the diy4 Rotisserie kit from Flaming Coals.

Even though it will be a while before I can put any meat on a rotisserie, I had to buy the kit now. I needed it because I have to measure the motor to the exact size. I need these measurements to help me create a steel enclosure for the motor. This will enable me to use the motor at 3 different heights.

Flaming Coals

Why Flaming Coals? I have seen their products in use at many restaurants in Brisbane and decided to look at their products. The rotisserie kit is made from Stainless Steel and therefore is a match BRIAR's core requirement and that is to make a grill using all Stainless Steel.


Unboxing the Flaming Coals diy4 Rotisserie Kit.

My first impression was positive. Delivery from Flaming Coals was quick and reasonably priced, considering it was couriered from Melbourne to Brisbane. I also called their customer support line before buying it and asked a few questions to make sure I buy the right thing. Very friendly service.

The quality of packaging was good and they came up with a good way of sending a 1.6m steel rod in the mail!

How I will use the Rotisserie Kit

Below are a few renders to show how I will use the diy4 Rotisserie Kit. I have designed an enclosure for the Rotisserie motor on the side wall of the grill. The motor will be stored in a cupboard when I am not using the rotisserie and the enclosure will be covered with a steel plate.

The Rotisserie will sit in this side enclosure made of steel sheet when in use. It can connect up at 3 different levels.

You might have noticed that a 1.6m skewer will never fit in there... Thats right, I will cut the skewer to size (1.32m) and trim the tip on a lathe to suit my installation. The cooking grids below will also be removed when I do a big roast.

3D Render showing BRIAR without the building enclosure

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This is an exciting adventure for me and will give you an insight into what is required to build a BBQ Grill like this.

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Final Thoughts

The diy4 Rotisserie Kit looks great and will compliment my BRIAR Grill perfectly. I cant wait to use it, but for now its helping me with my product development. I will store it and check back on it and dream of the day...

Where to buy

DIY BBQ Spit Rotisserie Set -The Heavy Duty Works
DIY BBQ Spit Rotisserie Set -The Heavy Duty Works with 30/60/120KG Motor - Flaming Coals DIY Rotisserie Set- this ultimate rotisserie kit is Ideal for those customers who quickly want to bang up and high quality spit. BBQ Spit Rotisseries - Outdoor Cooking Specialist

Link to the kit that I bought from Flaming Coals.

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